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Welcome to the Ocfs2 wiki, a place for the users and development team of the Ocfs2 Cluster File System project.

Ocfs2 is a general purpose shared disk cluster file system for Linux. The clustering capabilities allow for better performance via parallel node I/O as well as high availability - if one node goes down, the cluster will recover it and continue.

This wiki is currently under heavy construction, see the links below if you don't find what you are looking for here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ocfs2 users guide

Ocfs2 page at Oracle: our old homepage worth visiting for any user of Ocfs2 as it contains a lot of valuable information.

Opensuse Build Service: High Availability and Ocfs2 packages for openSUSE, SUSE, Fedora and RedHat distros.

Ocfs2-tools.git: Userspace tools for creating and managing Ocfs2 file systems.

Ocfs2 development mailing list: Send patches, bug reports, etc here.

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